Why visit an educational farm?


Children often no longer naturally come into contact with “nature” from their home situation. Yet children  like to be outside, they are generally eager to learn and interested in animals, plants, flowers, etc., especially if they can engage in “exploring” themselves. An age to sow the seeds for “pleasure in nature”.

Recent news and studies from the United Kingdom reveal that there are significant benefits to visiting a farm. For example:

– Connect and be reminded we are part of the natural world.

– Learn about where food comes from (it does not grow in the supermarket).

– Hands-on practical educational activities.

– See and appreciate the work that goes into growing food and rearing livestock.

– Learn about potential professions and work in agriculture.

– Learn about animal welfare.

– Physically get out from the city and office environment and out into nature.

– Visits also support the local community.

Come visit and experience for yourself!

What other schools said about their visit:

“I am sure many classes from our school will visit Mlango Farm in the future. Our field trip was very informative and hands-on. We loved it!”

“Our learning experience at Mlango Farm was nothing but memorable and enjoyable. The children could not stop talking about their adventures on your farm! We will plan for another trip in the future and definitely recommend the farm to others.”

“Thank you so much for hosting us. The kids enjoyed the visit and always talk about it. The sunflower seeds were planted and they are growing. We will for sure refer other schools to have the same experience we had.”


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