Karibu! Imagine a place where children can learn and engage in hands-on interaction with nature. This is Mlango Farm Foundation (MFF). We aim to provide children and youth (regardless of socio-economic background) the opportunity to get out of the city, experience nature, get some fresh air, get muddy and enjoy a fun day out at the farm.

Our mission

Since 2014, we have opened our home and farm to visitors seeking a peaceful oasis from the hustle and bustle of Nairobi. Over the years, it has become more apparent that children residing in the urban environment rarely have the opportunity to experience farm life, sometimes never leaving the city at all. With this in mind, we established the Mlango Farm Foundation (MFF). Our mission is to create an opportunity to get away from urban life and to engage with flora and fauna. We want to help children and youth, not only to understand where their food comes from, but also to learn the importance of caring for the environment and the collective responsibility that comes in sharing it with others. Farms are a great reminder that as human beings, we are ALL part of nature.

What we do

We encourage practical and experiential learning through farm visits for all ages. MFF can help facilitate a variety of thematic programs, but also closely works with schools and teachers to develop programming that will best fit the program of the school and students needs. Themes include, but not limited to are:

* Guided tours of the farm with lessons on the different types of vegetables

* Crop cultivation - various methods of crop growth and harvesting

* Waste management - to learn about the importance of REJECT / REDUCE / REUSE / RECYCLE / ROT

* Livestock and animal care

* Bee keeping


We believe that for a sustainable future, we must collectively invest in the future and education of the communities where we operate in. We promote and encourage partnerships between local companies and schools, and between different schools. If you like to arrange a visit or learn more about our school sponsorship and partnering program, please click here or contact us at info@mlangofarm.foundation.

We look forward to your visit!