About the foundation

About the Mlango Farm Foundation


After the owners of Mlango Farm opened their home and farm to visitors, enthusiastic response and conversations over the years inspired to seek out ways for all children and youth of Nairobi to have access and opportunity to visit and learn about farm life, nature and environmental issues. Many children and youth living in the city don't often get the chance to enjoy nature, to take a walk on a farm, see how vegetables are grown, and to learn through experience about farm animals and the care of the environment. To facilitate these kinds of opportunities and experiences for children and adults, Mlango Farm Foundation (MFF) was established to develop and coordinate educational programs and eventually build an Educational Centre to host groups promoting green initiatives and learning.

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Our mission

To provide educational farm visits where children, young people and adults from Nairobi and the community at large can learn about healthy living, sustainable development, rural environments and their relationship with plants and animals; to bring visitors in touch with animals, nature, their environment and each other by offering practical activities, training and information, a social meeting point and recreational environment.


The Board

The board of the Mlango Farm Foundation consists of Kamande Njenga (chair), Carolyne Narocho (secretary), Els Breet (treasurer), Njee Muturi (education) and Caroline Njuguna (CSR programs).


The MFF Support group

We have a diverse, enthusiastic and resourceful group of supporters - all with different professional backgrounds but the same enthusiasm for the work with MFF. The MFF support group advises the board and management of the foundation with all kinds of practical advice. Bi-annually, this dynamic group comes together at the farm for brainstorm sessions that help outline future activities and direction of MFF.

The Foundation creates jobs, new experiences and hope for a greener, healthier and more sustainable future. It is also an equal opportunity employer.

The Mlango Farm Foundation was registered at the NGO Coordination Board in Kenya in March 2015, under nr OP.218/051/15-031/9877.


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